The grass is growing but the mower won't start!

"Honey!? What's the number to Frisco Lawn and Power?"

We have a full service shop on site to assist you in getting your mower, riding tractor, zero turn and Stihl or Echo hand help equipment up and running for the season.

Remember that good, fresh fuel is the key to trouble free mowing regardless of the brand of equipment you own.

Fuel should be less than 30 days old. The Ethanol that is in the fuel from the gas station is causing problems in small engines due to the accelerated evaporation rates of the Ethanol - so get fresh fuel every 30 days and discard the old fuel.

Poor quality fuel is the major cause of lawn mower and small engine repairs today.

We also recommend using mid-grade fuel or better and purchase the fuel from a major supplier.

Annual maintenance is also a key to reliability and longevity in your lawn maintenance equipment. Let us help you maintain your valuable equipment for you - or we can show you how. Just come on down and we will assist you with all of your lawn equipment questions.

Forbes article addressing harmful ethanol in gas station fuel.

Here's a great link that talks about Stihl's Motomix!

For more service questions please visit our Service Page.

We are Frisco's premier Toro mower and equipment dealer. We have the top home owner and commercial models and have a complete inventory of the top zero turn mowers available.

Come see us today and let us show you the best mowers on the market today!

See Toro's line of Zero Turn Mowers here.

Stihl in Bloomberg Business Week - click here

The Stihl KM56-RCE Kombi System is the most versatile accessory system on the market today. The capability of stand alone components in a fuel effecient package - this power head is powerful enough to get the toughest jobs done and keep going. The Stihl KM56-RCE and the KombiSystem attachments make a complete system capable of taking care of your lawn maintenance needs.

Click here to see the KM56 on Stihl's website.

                      Click to see the full catalog from Stihl .

Right now until the end of August we have the KM90 Power Head on sale at our store - $50 off the regular price of $319.99

Now only $269.99!

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Need a solution to the lawn and leaf bag holder from the "other guys"?


Leaves cluttering up your yard? We have a wide selection of blowers from Stihl and Echo to get those leaves blown up, mulched up, bagged up and off of your lawn. 

We also carry the best paper lawn bag holder in the business - come down and take a look today!

Just load the bag under the chute, fold down the side clamps onto the bag and fill your bag with all of your yard debris.

Now Only! $79.95

Check our Calendar for lawn maintenance schedules and product rebates.

We have coupons for various service here throughout the year.

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Come see us today and let our knowledgeable staff help you get the right gear to get your work DONE!

Why Buy Your Equipment From A Dealership?

  • At Frisco Lawn and Power we sell new equipment which is fully assembled and tested before you leave the store. 
  • We will answer all of your questions and provide you with information that will ensure long life from your new gear.
  • We take the time to make sure you are comfortable with the operation and maintenance of your new equipment.  
  • We service what we sell. Our onsite service department will take care of repairs, maintenance or any warranty work to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new power equipment.
  • We will offer tips to keep your equipment running it's best throughout it's lifetime - including the crucial winter months when you are storing your valuable equipment.

We have been in business since 2001 in the same location in Frisco, TX - Our dealership will give you good advice and based on knowledge that only comes from years of service to loyal customers. We are also the trusted parts, equipment and service supplier to most of the professional landscapers in the area - so we have the experience to repair your yard care equipment the first time - every time - so trust Frisco Lawn and Power!

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FRISCO LAWN AND POWER EQUIPMENT was established in Frisco, Texas in 2001. Frisco Lawn is a dealer of various brands of outdoor power equipment including but not limited to Honda, Toro, Briggs & Stratton, Snapper, Stihl and Echo. We are also a dealer for Kohler engines, Kawasaki engines, Subaru engines, Murray mower parts, Lawnboy parts, Whipper Clipper parts and service and Tecumseh. We also offer service of these brands in our professional repair shop which is equipped to do anything from basic tune up service to complete engine overhaul and engine replacement. We also have during the winter months, from November through February, various brands of pre-owned lawn care equipment with such brands as Craftsman, Troybilt, Bearcat, Husqvarna and John Deere. We are also a dealer of zero turn mowers, or ZTR mowers. We have zero turn mowers from Toro and Snapper in stock and ready for delivery. We also have a complete inventory of parts from air and fuel filters, tires, spark plugs, belts, lubricants, mower blades, edger blades, replacement mower wheel assemblies, trimmer line, cables, starter rope, chain saw replacement chain, fuel additives and cleaners. We can also special order any part that we do not have in stock for many brands of outdoor power equipment.