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Blade Sharpen/ Oil Change Package available for walk mowers year round. $39.00 + tax (Usually we can do while you wait)

13-Point Maintenance Service  for 18"-22" walk mowers                          Approx. $110.00 + tax.  Ends March 31st   (See details below)

8-point Maintenance Service  for hand held/ 2-cycle equipment (Stihl,  Echo, and Shindaiwa)   Approx. $80.00 + tax.  Ends March 31st (See details below)

20-Point Maintenance Service  for Zero Turn Radius mowers  (Scag, Toro, and Stihl)  Approx. $350.00 - $450.00 + tax.  Available November Through March. (See details below).  A La Carte maintenance items available year round.  Zero Turn mowers require appointment for service.



Engine Service/ Repair for any brand of walk mower with a name brand engine: Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, and Kawasaki.
Problems such as won’t start, running rough, recoil starter broken, blowing smoke, etc.

Complete Mower Service/ Repair for Toro, Honda, Snapper 21", Stihl and Lawnboy: Service of engine, self propel, blade brake clutch, height adjusters, wheels, electric start, etc. (No 2-cycle engines please).

Complete Hand Held Equipment Service/ Repair for Stihl, Echo, Shindaiwa, and Honda gas-powered equipment.

Sharpening of mower blades, chainsaw blades, hedge trimmers, and manual trimmers, clippers, and loppers.

Pressure Washer Repair:  Engine repair only and only name brand engines.
Complete Zero-Turn-Radius Service/ Repair for:  Toro, Scag, and Stihl

--Please call to make appointment for Zero Turn service--


Please contact us for details.



If your walk mower, hand held/ 2-cycle equipment, or pressure washer is:  Running rough, not starting, hard to start, won't rev up, or surgingrepairs typically cost between $120-$180 ($45.00/ $85.00 deposit).


13-POINT MAINTENANCE  (Walk mower):

-Sharpen blades(s)
-Change oil
-Replace spark plug
-Replace air filter
-Flush and drain fuel system
-Service out with canned fuel
-Replace fuel filter (if equipped)
-Lube cables
-Grease rear pivot arm zerks (if equipped)
-Check self propel and belts, clean debris from drive area
-Check blade engagement
-Check pull rope
-Pressure wash (including under deck)

8-POINT MAINTENANCE (Hand Held/ 2-cycle Equipment):

-Replace spark plug
-Replace air filter
-Replace fuel filter
-Flush and drain fuel system
-Service out with canned fuel
-Lube linkage
-Clean spark arrestor
-Pressure wash

20-POINT MAINTENANCE (Zero Turn Mower):

-Sharpen and balance blades
-Change oil and oil filter
-Replace spark plug(s)
-Replace air filter and pre filter
-Add fuel stabilizer
-Replace fuel filter
-Check fuel lines
-Lube cables
-Check motion drives, clean debris from drive area
-Check blade engagement
-Clean engine cooling fins
-Test battery (replace if necessary)
-Check brakes
-Grease/ lube all zerks
-Inflate tires to proper pressure
-Sync drive controls
-Check hydro fluid level--add to correct level
-Level deck
-Check all belts
-Pressure wash unit

Pick-up and Delivery available for riding mowers and zero turn radius mowers:     $150.00   ($75 pick-up, $75 delivery)

Call for pick-up 972-335-0995

***We would like to encourage customers with riding mower service/ repairs to get work done in        the Fall or Winter to avoid delays in the Spring.

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Tips for Long Service from Your Lawn Care Equipment

Buy fresh fuel from a gas station that moves a lot of fuel and use fuel stabilizer. If mixing oil/fuel use the display on the pump to accurately measure the correct fuel volume in your container.

Do NOT store fuel in a storage container or the unit for more than 30 DAYS at a time.

Make sure there is no debris in your fuel can. May need to use a flashlight to see bottom of can.

Store your four stroke and two-cycle equipment over non-use months with canned fuel.

Remember - fuel related repairs are not covered under anyone's warranty.

On 4-stroke engines: Check oil level before each use and change the oil every 50 hours (or annually).

Replace air filter every 50 hours (or annually).

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