Take advantage of our:  Fall Maintenance-Winterize Special...

going on now through January 15, 2019.

Walk Mower 13 point maintenance (including winterize):

Regular price $95.00 + tax

Fall price $80.00 + tax

Trimmer/ Blower 8 point maintenance (including winterize):

Regular price $80.00 + tax

Fall price $50.00 + tax


Pick-up and Delivery available for riding mowers and zero turn radius mowers:

               - Riders/ ZTR's  $120.00   ($60 pick-up, $60 delivery)

Call for pick-up 972-335-0995


***We would like to encourage customers with riding mower service/ repairs to get work done in the Fall or Winter to avoid delays in the Spring.


Dependable Landscape Power Tool Maintenance in Frisco, TX


Our certified, award-winning repair technicians offer outstanding service and professionalism. Depend on our team for affordable maintenance to all your lawn care products and equipment.

We offer:

  • 13-Point Maintenance Service for push mowers in the spring and fall. Blade Sharpening and Oil Changes are available year-round. If your unit isn't starting/running, please see the repair section below.


  • Engine Service/ Repair for any brand of mower:  Covers problems such as it won’t start, recoil starter broken, blowing smoke, etc.
  • Full Service/ Repair for any brand of mower: Covers problems such as it won’t start, recoil starter broken, blowing smoke, etc.
  • Full Service/ Repair for Snapper, Honda, Stihl, Echo, Shindaiwa, DR, and Toro gas-powered equipment.
  • Sharpening of mower blades, chainsaw blades, hedge trimmers, and manual trimmers, clippers, and loppers.


      Full service for most Zero-Turn-Radius and Riding Tractors: 

Toro, Snapper, MTD, Huskie, Yard Machines, Troy Bilt, White, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan, Weed Eater, John Deere, Murray, Cub Cadet, and others. (Please call to verify that we service a brand not listed above.)

We can provide engine repair or replacement service on most lawn mowers or garden tractors and zero-turn mowers. To prevent your equipment from failing you, rely on Frisco Lawn & Power Equipment for landscape power tool maintenance in Frisco, TX.

Please contact us for details.


If your walk mower, 2-cycle hand held unit, or pressure washer is:

- hard to start
- runs rough
- won't start

repairs typically cost between $100-$150 ($35.00/ $85.00 deposit).

Maintenance Service

13 Point Service

- Push Mowers: Approx. $95.00 total - includes parts

8 Point Service

Hand Held (2-cycle) Equipment:  Approx. $85.00 total - includes parts

Blade Sharpen and Oil Change - $35.00 + tax

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Tips for Long Servicefrom Your Lawn Care Equipment

Regardless of Brand:

Buy fresh fuel from a gas station that moves a lot of fuel and use fuel stabilizer. If mixing oil/fuel use the display on the pump to accurately measure the correct fuel volume in your container.

Do NOT store fuel in a storage container or the unit for more than 30 DAYS at a time.

Make sure there is no debris in your fuel can. May need to use a flashlight to see bottom of can.

Store your four stroke and two-cycle equipment over non-use months with canned fuel.

Remember - fuel related repairs are not covered under anyone's warranty.

On 4-stroke engines: Check oil level before each use and change the oil every 50 hours (or annually).

Clean the air filter regularly and replace every 50 hours (or annually).

Keep the Power Flowing

Don’t listen to the wind howling and sit with your crossed fingers hoping the power in your home doesn’t go out. Don’t sit in your camper and use candles because you are afraid to drain the battery. That defeats the purpose of having your own power generator, doesn’t it? 

Keep the power flowing by ensuring your unit is in top form and functions like new with effective maintenance and repair. It’s a simple gas engine, and like all gas engines, there are techniques which, when undertaken effectively, ensure years of reliable service and power on demand. The staff at Frisco Lawn & Power Equipment knows you don’t want to be in the dark, so “let there be light” we say.

Make your Mower Move

There’s a saying which refers to lawn equipment that goes sort of like this: “You pay hundreds of dollars for something you hate to use and then treat it that way.” If you’ve ever dreaded the sight of shaggy grass on your lawn, we can’t help with your reaction, but we can help you get rid of it.

Our affordable lawn mower maintenance services will keep that piece of equipment you paid quite a bit for working in tip-top form. Since you can’t escape the chore, it only makes sense to ensure it’s as painless as possible. If you depend on your mower for income, then it’s doubly important to focus on regular upkeep. You don’t want it to let you down when a job is waiting.

Assure Reliable Performance

The leap from hand tools to power equipment is vast. Think of using an ax to fell a tree as compared to dropping one with a chainsaw. There’s no comparison, with the one you struggle and slave, with the other, you hardly break a sweat. However, axes are pretty much maintenance free, a bit of sharpening and some lubrication and you’re good to go. On the other hand, there are a lot of moving pieces in an engine and things that can go wrong. So to keep your saws, mowers, tractors, and other gear working flawlessly practice regular power equipment maintenance.

Contact Us for any maintenance and repairs you need for your landscape power equipment. We proudly serve Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Prosper, TX, and surrounding areas.